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Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you will improve the quality of life itself.
— Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais


What is Health Awareness Coaching?

Have you or your clients ever:

  • Wondered about lifestyle choices and their effects (eating, sleeping, exercising, recreating)
  • Wondered HOW to change to healthier lifestyle
  • Didn't want to bother
  • Need someone NEUTRAL to talk to
  • Need pressure-free process time
  • Wanted someone to listen and not judge
  • Felt overwhelmed or confused
  • Didn't know where to turn

If so, you may benefit from a Health Awareness Coach!

How Does a Health Awareness Coach Help?

  • Aligns my interests
  • Raises awareness of reality
  • Helps me find clarity
  • Helps decide on health goals
  • Develops options
  • Encourages picking the right options
  • Helps me communicate my goals
  • Helps me stay accountable
  • Supports ownership of my own reality
  • Acts as a bridge
  • Helps with processing and debriefing

Additional Services

For individuals, groups, or organizations.


  • Provides Wellness Education sessions for individuals or groups
  • Helps find resources and information for individual needs


  • Feldenkrais – Awareness Through Movement® and
  • Functional Integration®


Liz Winslow Fruits - Health Awareness Coach

Develop Healthy Lifestyle Habits and Healthy Weight

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My view regarding health is that it is all-encompassing. Health is not just a state of not being ill. Health is how we feel and how we relate. Our purpose brings meaning to our lives and the lives of others.

— Liz Winslow Fruits

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*Health Awareness Coaching is not diagnosis- or cure-oriented. The Health Mill™ is not a substitute for your primary care provider.
If you are under medical care, please consult your primary care provider before making any changes in treatment, including medications.